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Consulation Rate

In-Home Behavior Consultation Flat Rates

The Flat Rate gives you the option of a session when you need it.  You are not tied down with assignments and weekly schedule.  You have the option to cancel session (24 - 48 hours notification requested). 

 $45 - $70 - the flat rate (ask for quote) is based on breed and behavior.

  In addition, the quote will include travel diem based specific zones

         (Shown in map above).  

   Green Zone – $10 per diem -  North Shore , MA and Seacoast NH

    Yellow Zone – $15 per diem-  Middlesex County, MA , 

                                                          Southern ME,  and Merrimack NH 

    Red  Zone – $20 per diem -    Cape Cod Area, MA

    Blue Zone – Case by Case Rate -   Rhode Island


    Outside of Zones – Please call to discuss options or see Phone Consultation


 Note : Rescues, Veterinary Offices and Animal Care Workers,

             please call about assistance or free seminars.


*Check IAABC or PPG website for a Certified Avian Behavior Trainer/ Consultant for outside the marked areas (including Boston) for in person consultations..


* Payment due upon start of the session (You will receive invoice prior session).


4 Session Behavior Package (In-Home)

The 4 continuous session package is focused on a specific behavior which includes customize training plan.

The package includes travel, 4 working sessions (2 hours a session each week), enrichment toys (when needed), lessons on understanding behavior and training and homework plans. Plus,

two 1/2 hour post phone support (can be used during the proceeding 2 months after the last session)

NOTE: Training consistency is important, so there is no refund on any cancellation date. The packages are prepaid and scheduled.

Green ZoneYellow Zone – $400 ($50 an hour)  -   North Shore , MA, Seacoast NH,  Middlesex County, MA ,  Southern ME,  and Merrimack, NH area. 

Red  Zone – $600($75 an hour) -  Cape Cod Area, MA   

Blue Zone – Case by Case Rate -   Rhode Island

* Payment due upon start of the session (You will receive invoice prior session).

Phone Consultation - Behavior Session

Phone Consultation - You can pick between 30 minutes or 1 hour consultation to discuss a behavior or concern.

1) Quick discussion on the issue or behavior.

2) A purposely of materials to begin the training.

Without seeing the issues, the phone session will give suggestions to try based on the information given by the person.

It is important to be as specific as possible when answering the questions.


All Phone Consultations are Monday - Friday after 6pm.

Step 1: Fill information below to set up a date/time

Step 2: You will get a confirmation of date/time

Step 3: Send payment to confirm/lock in the appointment.

Step 1: Send Information for a Phone Consultation

Thanks! Message sent.

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