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Consulation Rate

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For a quote or more information,

please fill out the form on contact page.

Check out the Services - Resource page for other options. 

In-Home Behavior Consultation Rate

The In-Home Behavior/Training Consultation gives you the option of a session when you need it.  You have the option to cancel the session (24 - 48 hours notification requested). 

The In-Home Behavior/Training Consultation can run from 1 to 2 hours depending

on the training or behavior requirements.  The Behavior profile document will be

sent prior to the session for assessment and to set expectations for the session.


    - The session is personalized training for you and your companion bird.

    - The session will include a training plan, training equipment, 

        enrichment/foraging toys, when needed), and post support (limited) 

        email, along with the consultation.

In Home Consultation Rate: 

Consultation Rates is a flat rate of $75/hr. 

   Travel Rate is added to the In-Home Consultation outside of 10 miles:

      (based on the IRS Business Mileage Rate)

Please, go to the Contact Page and fill out inquiry for a quote.


NOTE: Trainers traveling outside the marked area, the travel rate could be higher

than the consultation fee.  If you are outside the marked area (including Boston),  

you are welcome to reach to other recommended Trainers:

Pamela Clark

Lara Joseph

Or check the IAABC website ( for a Certified Avian Behavior Trainer/ Consultant near your location.

Note : Rescues, Veterinary Offices and Animal Care Workers,

             please call about assistance or seminars.

MSPCA Nevins Farm - Location Consultation

MSPCA - Nevins Farm (Methuen, MA) has contracted with the Heart of Feathers Education to assist those looking for help with companion bird behavior (or questions).

This is a great option, if you do not feel comfortable having someone coming to your home.  This private lesson is a one-on-one coaching to assist you on understanding the bird’s behavior.  During the lesson, we will review the concerning behavior or start new behavior depending on the designated goal.  A customized training plan with the introduction clicker training will aid you to reach each planned target. These valuable skills will create confidence, enrichment, and wonderful cohabitation for the bird and human.

To sign up or get more information, the consultation arrangements are made through the MSPCA - Nevins Farm. The rate is $60/hr.

Click here to sign up for a MSPCA - Nevins Farm Location (Methuen, MA) Companion Bird Consultation.

Note: The sign up pages asks about dog training (just remember to replace the word dog for bird when filling out the form. Do the best you can with information).

You can call to make a consultation:

Phone: 978-687-7453 Ext. 6121  (the voicemail says dog training, just follow the information as if it is dog training, but if you have to leave a voice mail, make sure you denote it is for Companion Bird Consultation.).



Heart of Feathers Education & Training would like all our clients to succeed.  The trainer will make every reasonable effort to assist in working with the Client and Companion Bird.  It is important to understand that 'undesired' behavior cannot be resolved instantly or quickly, but at the pace of the companion bird.  Without practicing, or understanding / following the training plan, the progress can be slow or inconsistent.  Heart of Feathers Education wants "Happy Bird, Happy Family".

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