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Webinar Sessions

Pre-recorded Webinar Sessions

The Professional Pet Guild (PPG) hosts the Heart of Feathers Education Webinars.

These webinars  are pre-recorded. To watch the webinar session, you will need:

1) Audio (speakers on laptop, computer, tablet).

2) Video capability (This is streaming video. so slow network or computers may have issues with the webinars)

3) There is payment (if you are not a PPG Member) to pay for the hosting of the webinar. You will pay on the PPG page.

4) After webinar, you can contact me with any questions (see contact information)

5) Are you ready for some interesting webinars, just click on the links to pay and start video)

Learn How To

  - Reduce Stress in Companion Birds When Giving Medication 

This webinar focuses on the topic of reducing the stress when giving medication to a companion bird. The webinar will show known processes of giving medication, the consequences of stress, and how to takes steps than can reduce or eliminate stress during the medication process. Gain some insightful knowledge about how a force-free medication process can be better improve your bond with you and your bird.

This webinar also touches on starting crate training for preparing for vet visits which can reduces stress in the vet visit, and why this is so important.

Webinar Learning Objectives

Quick Review on Companion Bird health/Vet Visit

How to recognize stress in a companion bird.

How to start force-free planning on the taking medication

How to advance progress in the medication training

How to start force-free crate training for your companion bird

Gain knowledge on how your bird can be a super star at the vet visit

Four Key Guidelines for caring for Companion Birds. 

To celebrate the importance of care for companion birds, the goal of this webinar is to understand the importance of:

  • Why Diet is important for longevity and health of a companion bird.

  • Why Vet Care Exam is so important for companion bird? From CBC, gram stains to gender testing. As well as, vet care at home.

  • Why it is important to understand you and your bird's behavior.

  • Why developing Enrichment, Foraging, and Housing assists in a bird's comfort and confidence.

  • All of these keys guidelines create a wonderful well rounded bird that can coexist in a human's world.


Learning Objectives

  • Vet Care

  • Behavior Care

  • Diet Care

  • Enrichment Care

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