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Heart of Feathers

Education & Training

for Companion Birds

Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant/ Trainer
Sheila S. B.

In Business Since 2015

Insured and Bonded

(978) 352 -0595

Serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Beyond


Education, Enrichment, and Empowerment(tm)

Heart of Feathers Education and Training is Celebrating 5 years of promoting education and assistances for Companion Birds.

Why Hire a Certified Companion Bird Behavior Consultant/Trainer?

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Our goal is to assist and educate.

​Heart of Feathers Education & Training is owned and operated by Sheila S. B., an IAABC Certified Companion Bird Behavior Consultant/Trainer.  Sheila works with clients to understand body language,  review the reason for undesirable behavior, and assist with training ideas.  Undesired Behavior does not define your bird; Education, Enrichment, and Empowerment (choice training) can make your bird shine. 


Sheila uses Positive Reinforcement Methodology Training Techniques (also known as Choice Training) to help clients grow their Avian and Human bond.  "Happy Bird Happy Family"

Heart of Feathers Education & Training offer a variety of services: In-Home Consultation, Phone Consultations, and Now On-Line Q/A Consultations. Check our Service area for more information. If you are not sure, please click the Contact tab (in the top Menu bar) to send us an inquiry, or just check out our website.  We are always here, if you need an ear to talk about companion birds.

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