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On-Line Q/A Consulation Rate

On-Line Consultation - Q/A Behavior Session

On-Line Consultation -  NOTE: Starting March 1 - May 1, 1 hour

      On-Line Consultations are $30 (Special). 


Without seeing the issues, the phone session will suggest a training plan to try based on the information given by the person.

It is important to be as specific as possible when answering the questions.


All On-Line Consultations are Monday - Friday after 6pm.

If interested, 

Step 1: Fill information below to set up a date/time (enter suggested date/time. We cannot guarantee today session) 

Step 2: You will receive an email

Step 3: Once confirmation is made, 1/2 payment will be needed to lock in the appointment.

                  - Email with directions will be sent on sending payment

                         through Paypal.

Step 1: Send Information for an On-Line Consultation


Heart of Feathers Education would like all our clients to succeed.  The trainer will make every reasonable effort to assist in working with the Client and Companion Bird.  It is important to understand that 'undesired' behavior' cannot be resolved instantly or quickly, but at the pace of the companion bird.  Without practicing, or understanding / following the training plan, the progress can be slow or inconsistent.  Heart of Feathers Education wants "Happy Bird, Happy Family".