On-Line Consultation Rate

On-Line (Video) Consultation Behavior Session

On-Line Consultation -  NOTE: 1 hour On-Line Consultations for $30 (Special) (Originally $60/hr) This deal will be ending on December 31, 2020.  


On-Line Consultation is a wonderful option if you are not in the local area, want to avoid travel costs, or show specific behavior (without a new person in the room).   

On-Line Consultations are recommended for those users that have a computer with a camera, or Tablet/Smart phone.  User should be able to resolve their own issues related to video and audio on their own equipment.

The On-Line Consultation are run on an application called 'Webex' ('Zoom' can used on User's request).

On-Line Consultations are Monday - Friday after 6pm (if possible), and Saturdays.  

To sign up for an Online Consultation, Click Here


Heart of Feathers Education & Training would like all our clients to succeed.  The trainer will make every reasonable effort to assist in working with the client and companion bird.  It is important to understand that 'undesired' behavior cannot be resolved instantly or quickly, but at the pace of the companion bird. We cannot promise the exact date, or a time frame.  Without practicing, or understanding / following the training plan, the progress can be slow or inconsistent.  

It is important to do consistent training by all members in the home.

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