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Heart of Feathers

Education & Training

for Companion Birds

Sheila S. Blanchette
Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant/ Trainer

In Business Since 2015

Insured and Bonded

(978) 352 -0595


Education, Enrichment, and Empowerment(tm)

Why Hire a Certified Companion Bird Behavior Consultant/Trainer?

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Our goal is to educate.

​Heart of Feathers Education & Training is non judgmental zone. There are no fast solutions, but there is assistance in understanding the behavior. We work with the companion bird person in finding a positive training

solution plan for his/her situation using applied behavior analysis (choice training). 

Heart of Feathers Education & Training works with Companion Birds from A (African Grays) to Z (Zebra Finches)

'Behavior can have history, but history does not define the bird.' 

In short, do not label the bird.  Any bird can learn.


My Bird has no behavior issues

Steps up

Mostly Quiet

Plays with Toys

Hangs out with family 


 Get a starter session on:

1) Crate Training

2) Target Training (Teach spin)

3) Flight Training

4) Teach something new

5) So many other options...


My Bird has trouble with certain behaviors

Not always stepping up

More Noise lately

Nips Increasing

Not interested Toys

Does not like female/male

Hides on far side of the cage

Get an assistance session on: 

1) Stepping up

2) Using Target Training

3) Redirect Training

4) Foraging Training

5) Stationing Training

6) So many other options...

My Bird has Concerning Behaviors

Chasing Feet

Attacking the cage

Hard Biting/Blood drawn

Flying at people

Exterme Screaming

Mating Behavior

Get a behavior assistance session on:

1) Specific Behavior Training

2) Stationing Training

3) Target Training

4) So many other options...