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Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training, LLC 

Support Services for Companion Birds

Insured and Bonded

Serving New England Area and Beyond

Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training offers a range of assisting services for those:

  • Starting the journey of adding a companion bird to your family

  • Looking for training ideas for your companion bird

  • Needing assistance on a companion bird behavior

  • Supporting your family through end-of-life journey of your companion bird 

Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training's goal is to offer compassionate care and education on cooperative companion bird behavior training.  We treat each bird as an individual.

We use different methodology to tailor the personal training technique plan into small manageable steps based on the individual bird and person. 

  • Force-Free/Choice Training (the training plan encourages and strengthens behavior).

  • Evidence Based Training (the training plan based on the individual prior knowledge level and pace)

  • LIMA - Less Intrusive, Minimal Aversive (the training plan reviews everything in the environment to set up successful training sessions)

These techniques can lead to a mutual trust and a caring understanding bond.

"Every interaction with your bird is a training opportunity; Make your encounter a fun and positive moment."

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Education Behavior
and Training Services

Country Style Home

In-Home Session for a Behavior or Training Consultation

for an existing companion bird

(My Local Area)

The Service rate for an In-Home Session can vary based of travel distance.​ An In-Home Session can assist with behavior issues or new training needs.

  • Sessions usually run between 1 to 2 hours

  • During the session, there will be a review of the environment, discussion on training options, and client practicing the training.

To learn more about an In-Home Behavior / Training Session, click the More Information button below.


On a Video Call

Online (Virtual) for a Behavior Consultation for existing companion bird

Online Behavior Consultation is a wonderful option if you are not in the local area and want to avoid travel costs, or demonstrate specific behavior (without a new person in the room.

The Online Behavior Consultation is for those looking for assistance on a behavior issue such as Biting, Screaming, and/or Plucking. (There are definitely other behavior issues, just listing the top 3)

To learn more about an Online (Video/Virtual) Behavior Consultation Session, click the More Information button below.


Interested in getting a new bird? 

New Bird Prep Consultations 

You are about to add (or added) a new

bird, and you need support/assistance on where to start related to cage set up, enrichment, and what to train, please check out  "New Bird Prep Consultation".

To learn more about an Online  (Video/Virtual) Preparation Consultation Session, Click the More Information button below.

Tuque's Teaspoon of Trainingtm

Tuque's Teaspoon of Training is for those interested in teaching your bird a new skill such asBeginning Technique like  

Stepping Up or  Target Training.

Of course, there are many more training ideas, 

to learn more about the Online  (Video/Virtual) 'Tuque's Teaspoon of Training" Session, Click the More Information button below.

Colorful Books

Additional Companion Bird Resources


Companion Bird

Doula Support

"When you need someone to listen, that it is not just a bird."

Support Services

Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training goal is to offer services to assist.  As every bird learns differently, everyone needs assistance that works for their situation.


Click the Additional Resource button below to link to review additional options

Our Companion Bird Doula Support gives you support during those difficult time on your heart. 


For Example: When your Companion Bird passes, you may want to look for services to assist you through the journey to remember.

To learn more about an Online Doula Support Session, Click the More Information button below.

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