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About Heart of Feathers Education & Training

Opened in 2015, Heart of Feathers Education and Training is Owned and Operated By:

Sheila S. B., UW-AAB, CPBC, MBA

Heart of Feathers Education & Training's goal is to educate on compassion and cooperative companion bird behavior training. 

Our Senior Trainer, Sheila, is a professional IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant(CPBC)/Trainer.  She is works on getting the latest information on using proper methodology related to the Applied Behavior Analysis by attending college courses, and professional webinars/conferences.  Sheila just recently completed the requirements for her certificate from the University of Washington in Applied Animal Behavior.  She can carry the letters UW-AAB after her name to designate this. (Click Here to read Press Release)

Additionally, Sheila volunteers at local rescues. While working with the rescue, she may foster a companion bird with undesired behavior. Fostering assists with keeping her skills up to date through learning and hands on experience and will assist in approving the behavior of the bird to get adopted.

She passes her professional knowledge and experience to her clients (as well as relating to the client's situation).



We understand there are many articles and  videos can be found on social media.   

Heart of Feathers Education & Training recognizes and treats each bird as an individual. We work towards creating a unique personal training plan for your bird. 

We use several training methodology: 

  • Force-Free/Choice Training (the training plan encourages and strengthens behavior).

  • Evidence Based Training (the training plan based on the individual prior knowledge level and pace)

  • LIMA - Less Intrusive, Minimal Aversive (the training plan reviews everything in the environment to set up successful training sessions)


These techniques can lead to a

mutual trust and a caring understanding bond.

"Every interaction with your bird is a training opportunity; Make your encounter a fun and positive moment."  

Heart of Feathers Education & Training offers In-Home, Phone, and Online Services.

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