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Heart of Feathers

Education & Training

for Companion Birds

Sheila S. Blanchette
Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant/ Trainer

In Business Since 2015

Insured and Bonded

(978) 352 -0595

Serving Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Beyond


Education, Enrichment, and Empowerment(tm)

Why Hire a Certified Companion Bird Behavior Consultant/Trainer?

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Our goal is to assist and educate.

​Heart of Feathers Education & Training is non judgmental zone. There are no fast solutions, but there is assistance in understanding the behavior. We work with the companion bird person in finding a positive training

solution plan for his/her situation using applied behavior analysis (choice training). 

Heart of Feathers Education & Training works with Companion Birds from A (African Grays) to Z (Zebra Finches)

Heart of Feathers Education & Training offer a variety of services: In-Home Consultation, Phone Consultations, and Now On-Line Q/A Consultations. Check our Service area for more information. If you are not sure, please click the Contact tab (in the top Menu bar) to send us an inquiry, or just check out our website.  We are always here, if you need an ear to talk about companion birds.

On-line/Phone Q/A Consultations Update

$30 for hour session

$30 for hour session

Heart of Feathers Education & Training is aware of the concerns surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak.  As people are trying to keep distant from anyone, Heart of Feathers Education & Training will be reducing their On-line/Phone Q/A consultations services temporary during this time.

Benefits of On-Line Training

No Travel Time; Keeping with Social Distancing


We can discuss specific questions you may have on behavior or training ideas.

Note: We do not answer any questions related to medical, those questions should be directed to an Avian Veterinary Professional.

See Services - On-line or Phone Q/A Consultation.