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Online Hospice/EOL Support Session

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Companion Bird Hospice/Loss/End of Life Support Consultation - Donation

Does your heart ache because of 

  • medical news on your bird (hospice care)

  • your companion bird has passed away

  • you have to make a medical decision on a sick companion bird.

  • reviewing rehoming options (need an ear) 

Sheila is a Professional Certified End of Life Companion Bird Doula/Ordain Minister specializing in companion bird care complement palliative and hospice care provided by veterinarians. We are not medical specialists. We are specialists in the aspects of support during hard times, and discussions around end of life (hospice) and death care that medical providers do not provide.  Sheila understands there are spiritual beliefs, so she is an Ordain Minister. 

Doula/Ordain Minister support the companion bird and their owners with compassionate care in a number of ways, including spiritual, emotional and informational support during such a difficult time.

Some of the things we can be called on to help with include:

  • Exploring options for palliative or hospice care

  • Discussing euthanasia options

  • Helping humans go over a Quality of Life scale for their animal

  • Planning a “bucket list” for you and your pet

  • Celebration of life events - before and/or after your pet dies

  • Guidance about burial and/or cremation options

  • Ideas for physical memorials

This Companion Bird Doula can also assist those deciding or decide to rehome their companion bird, and just need support. Mourning does not just happen when a companion bird passes, mourning can happen when our heart is broken.

The Online Hospice/EOL Support Consultation uses an application called 'Zoom' (Webcam and microphone required on laptop or tablet).

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