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Our Team.

About Sheila S. B., CPBC, UW-ABA, MBA

Sheila S. B. is a Professional Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant/Trainer.  In 2015, She completed her coursework/ seminars and mentorship from the IAABC (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) to earn her IAABC-CPBC credentials.  


After gaining the necessary experience and certification, Sheila established her avian consulting business, Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training in 2015.  Sheila continues her education journey to keep her skills up to date.  She additionally continues her hands on experience by assisting other companion animal rescues (Foster Parrots, MSPCA, NHSPCA. and Quaker Parrot Society) to evaluate companion birds or assisting with post adoption support (for adopted companion birds). 


For several years, Sheila fostered companion birds (from local rescues) that need some behavioral assistance. She would work with the companion bird to improve their behavior to lead to a successful adoption.  This experience helps her work with clients going through the same behaviors.  (Click to read:  Linkedin - Case Study: A Foster Bird).





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Certification Completion: Companion Animal End of Life Duola

Completion Requirement:

  • The Skillset and mindset to offer doula services to families and owners who are experiencing end-of-life care for their companion animals.

  • The skills to support clients during end-of-life care of their beloved pets.

  • Several hours practicing through the journey of mourning

Certification Completion: Fear Free Veterinary Certification Program – Avian

Completion Requirement:

  • Recognizing stress in birds

  • Identifying fear-inducing stimuli for birds

  • Unique challenges with avian patients

  • Handling and examining birds safely

  • Training birds to participate in medical care

  • Multiple exams

Certification Completion: Applied Animal Behavior Certification

Completion Requirement:

  • Basic principles of evolution and natural selection as they relate to animal behavior

  • Application of animal behaviors to human-animal interaction

  • The latest scientific research on the training and care of companion animals

  • Methods to integrate theory with real-world issues in treating and improving behavior

  • Completion of a mini research paper to demonstrate understanding of material

With Sheila successful completion of the certification, she can carry the letter UW-AAB after her name to designate this.


International Associates of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)


Certification Completion:  Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant (CPBC)

Completion Requirement:

  • a minimum of four years and 500 hours of experience in animal behavior consulting;

  • 400 hours minimum of coursework, seminars, and mentorships;

  • a working knowledge of learning theory, counterconditioning, desensitization, training, and husbandry, with additional in-depth knowledge of assessment skills and application of species-specific knowledge

On completion, Sheila has earned her Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant

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