About the Company

Heart of Feathers Education & Training, LLC

Sheila S. B.
Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant/Trainer

Our goal is to educate.

Heart of Feathers Education and Training is non judgmental zone. We are here to help when you have questions, need advise, or behavior or training ideas on any companion bird from African Gray to Zebra Finch.

Heart of Feathers Education & Training uses different variations of Positive Reinforcement Methodology from the Applied Behavior Analysis Science.

We understand there are many articles and options on social media, 

Heart of Feathers Education & Training philosophy is about understanding the purpose of the behavior, and giving the bird the opportunity to learn a new behavior at his/her pace.  Training is not timed base but incremental pace training. 

Education, Enrichment, and Empowerment

What is up with the name?

I get asked a lot about the name of the company.   

In 2012, while I was volunteering at the MSPCA - Nevins Farm (Methuen, MA, USA), an adopter had asked for some assistance behavior assistance of her recently adopted bird. 

A couple of days later we had reconnected, I had found several wonderful articles from behaviorworks.org (Dr. Susan Friedman) that would answer her questions.  She was so happy, and thanked me for the information.  She hoped I would continue my education to become a certified parrot behavior consultant. 


I commented backed "You have a heart of gold for adopting a bird.  You have a heart of feathers for learning more."