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Our Story

Heart of Feathers Education
  & Behavior Training, LLC

Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training was established because I continued to see companion birds being returned(surrendered) for the same behavior reason to the local rescues (Vocalization, Biting, and Plucking).   

Since 2015, Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training's goal is to educate.  We assist by adding more tools (understanding/training) to your companion bird toolbox(knowledge).

We understand there are many articles and options on social media, 

Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training philosophy is about understanding the individual bird's purpose of the behavior and giving the individual bird the opportunity to learn a new behavior at his/her pace.  

              Through Patience, Planning and Practice, any bird can learn.

What is up with the name?

I get asked a lot about the name of the company.   

In 2012, while I was volunteering at the MSPCA - Nevins Farm (Methuen, MA, USA), an adopter had asked for some assistance behavior assistance of her recently adopted bird. 

A couple of days later we had reconnected, I had found several wonderful articles from (Dr. Susan Friedman) that would answer her questions.  She was so happy, and thanked me for the information.  She hoped I would continue my education to become a certified parrot behavior consultant. 


I commented backed "You have a heart of gold for adopting a bird.  You have a heart of feathers for learning more."

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