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In-Home Consultation Session


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The In-Home Behavior Consultation Service Rate:

  • Within 30 min radius from Atkinson, NH, $250 for the 2-hour in-home session.

  • Outside the 30 minute radius, we may recommend an Online Behavior Consultation.

    • Trainers do not travel to the Boston area because of unpredictable traffic and parking. (Check out the Online Consultation)

  • We will review the request for an In-Home Behavior Consultations. Normally, Trainers that have to travel outside the marked area (in map above), the travel rate could be higher than the consultation service rate; may start at $500 and could be higher (depending on location), please check out our Online Behavior Consultation option.

NOTE: In-Home Behavior Consultation Appointments are held on Saturdays only during April - November. Due to unpredictable weather, In-Home Behavior Consultation Sessions are suspended during December - March.



The In-Home Behavior Consultation Service:

  • Sessions usually run between 1 to 2 hours

  • All those that live in the home with the companion bird should attend the session.

  • During the session, there will be a review of the environment, discussion on training options, and client practicing the training.

  • Review enrichment, and other options to bring success to the client and the companion bird.

  • Recap given at the end of the session.

  • Discussion of next appointment


After Support

The In-Home Behavior Consultation After Support:

When the In-Home Session is completed and paid:

  • An individual training plan from the session will be sent to the client several days later.

  • 30 days of email support

  • A 1/2-hour Free Online follow up Session (1), if needed during the 30 days support.

  • Recap given at the end of the session.


Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training would like all our clients to succeed.  The trainer will make every reasonable effort to assist in working with the client and companyon bird.  It is important to understand that 'undesired' behavior cannot be resolved instantly or quickly, but at the pace of the companion bird. We cannot promise the exact date, or a time frame.  Without practicing, or understanding / following the training plan, the progress can be slow or inconsistent.  

It is important to do consistent training by all members in the home.

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