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PRESS RELEASE: Celebration of Completion of Certification


Haverhill, MA. USA – Locally owned Heart of Feathers Education & Training announced today that owner and senior trainer Sheila S. Blanchette has successfully completed the requirements to receive her certificate from the University of Washington in Applied Animal Behavior. She can carry the letters UW-AAB after her name to designate this completion. The University of Washington - Applied Animal Behavior Certification combines evolutionary theory, animal behavior science, and learning theory to evaluate animal behavior and welfare issues in companion animals. Additionally, the certification courses include reviewing and assessing scientific research papers to aiding in animal behavior forensic cases.

Sheila S. Blanchette’s joint credentials, of the University Certification (UW-AAB) and the Skilled Certification (IAABC-CPBC), will enhance her profession Companion Bird Behavior/Training Consultation Services. Companion Bird Behavior Training is similar to dog training; the training is specialized toward pet families with a companion bird(s) (defined as a pet bird(s) housed inside the home).

About Heart of Feathers Education & Training Heart of Feathers Education & Training is celebrating their 5th anniversary in business. Heart of Feathers Education & Training goal is to educate and assist companion bird pet families by teaching cooperative companion bird behavior training through ‘Education. Enrichment, and Empowerment’.

She received the IAABC Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant skilled credentials (CPBC) in 2015 and that same year opened Heart of Feathers Education & Training.

Heart of Feathers Education & Training offers In-Home Behavior Consultations (in the local MA and Northern NH area), and On-line (video)/Phone Behavior Consultations (a great choice for people near and far)

‘Any bird can learn.’ - To learn more about Heart of Feathers Education & Training, visit our website:

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