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White Feather

Tuque's Teaspoon of Training Session


Online "Tuque's Teaspoon of Training" Session - $60 (US dollars) for the first initial hour session and then continuous step training at $25 1/2 hour session.

Online "Tuque's Teaspoon of Training" is for those interested in doing new training or assistance in training (not related to behavior issues).


Stepping up

Target Training

Recall Training


Crate Training

Scale Training

Syringe Training (taking medicine)

Towel Training

There are many other fun other training options. The above list is the top requested training.

During the initial Online "Tuque's Teaspoon of Training" Session, we discuss the each of the small incremental steps toward the end goal.  The continuous step training can occur weekly or every other week to keep the progress of the training.  Note: We go at the pace of the bird so the training could take a short or long time.   


The session is recommended for those users that have a computer with a camera, or Tablet/Smart phone.  Users should be able to resolve their own issues related to video and audio on their own equipment.  The Online "Tuque's Teaspoon of Training" Session uses an application called 'Zoom" (Webcam and microphone required on laptop or tablet).


Heart of Feathers Education & Behavior Training would like all our clients to succeed.  The trainer will make every reasonable effort to assist in working with the client and companion bird.  It is important to understand that 'undesired' behavior cannot be resolved instantly or quickly, but at the pace of the companion bird. We cannot promise the exact date, or a time frame.  Without practicing, or understanding / following the training plan, the progress can be slow or inconsistent.  

It is important to do consistent training by all members in the home.

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